Ultramarines A Warhammer 40k Movie – Trailer

40k Ultramarine movie trailerFinally the trailer for the Warhammer 40k Ultramarine movie is released. You can check out the movie here, www.ultramarinesthemovie.com. Dont have to login or sign up to see.

As I pressed the play button to watch the movie, I was pinning hopes that it will be way better than the Ultramarine teaser release earlier. The trailer is 1.36 seconds long, and I was hoping for jaw dropping actions and intense mood to drive me into the “FOR THE EMPEROR” mood, like the Dawn of Wars game trailers.

Sadly, the first 50 seconds of the trailer was too long winded. Its just smoke and monologue about the 40k world and the Space Marines, where are the actions? And it took up already 50% of the duration. I wasn’t impressed already at the 30 plus second, and my mind keep saying where are the actions. After the smoke and lengthy monologue, it did not cut to an action impact scene to wow the audience, but to a space scene with a Thunderhawk flying. I must say the Thunkerhawk looks cool. I was expecting when the Thunderhawk flies into the planet of sort, actions began. But oh no, its a dialogue between 2 space marines, but it was good timing which after that it was the cut to all the actions sequences.

Cool and exciting are the action sequences, it was good to watch, but I would say the adrenaline rush only hit me about 60 percent mark as compared to the Dawn of Wars ones, which left me standing up shouting “FOR THE EMPEROR!” haha. The other thing I thought was the monologue mentioned the all mighty Space Marines all powerful and such, and in the action sequences, scenes of the Space Marines taking hits with blood splatter and ending with a fallen Space Marine does not seem to match what the monologue had described.

Anyway, it was still a good trailer to watch, but I thought it could have been more exciting. Still,I will definitely be looking forward to the release.


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