Swordman of the Empire, in progress

Still working on my Empire swordmen currently. Managed to complete one swordman the other day. I was comparing the swordman I painted way back early when I started the warhammer hobby. I guess the techniques and style is still me. Probably the detailing and highlights I guess I have grown and improved as compared to those I first started. Painting the swordman sure bring back memories of the battles I have fought with them. As I paint each stroke on the swordman, flashes of battle scenes of my swordmen struck my mind, haha.

empire banner

Still working on the rest of the swordmen, hopefully I can complete it by this week or next week. I did had a thought of maybe I could get a new box of the Empire State Troop as well. I guess the new miniatures are definitely much detailed and refined as compared to the early years one.

Empire Swordman vs Skeleton

For one difference I noticed, the swords for the new Empire State Troop miniatures are sharper and better looking then the previous ones. The previous one feel much like a thick metal slate which the blacksmith has forgotten to grind down to sharpness like the current swords… haha. Even the current skeletons warriors’ old and rusty sword looks better than the old Empire ones… haha. Think I will just stick with my current swordmen, still have enough to form another core unit, and decide later on when there is a need for a recruitment drive… haha.


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