Horde units in progress

Seems like with the new Fantasy 8th Edition new rules on the horde formation, I noticed there is always at least a horde unit in most people army list nowadays. Spend yesterday rumbling my boxes of stuff to gather more men for my Empire. Decided that I will add on another 10 swordmen to one of my exisiting 20 swordmen unit. This will make a horde unit of 30 swordmen, each 10 wide with 3 ranks. Just need another 10 more swordmen to be painted.

work in progress

Before the rumbling of the Empire men, I was messing with my Vampire Count Skeleton warriors. Managed to complete 5, 5 more to go which in the midst of it, I got distracted by the Empire swordman… haha. Seems like I am switching between Empire and Vampires. I think I will fill a horde unit of 40 skeleton warriors, this will leave me with another 15 more skeleton warriors to go. Its sure gonna be a busy horde painting session for the next few days and weeks.


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