Card Protector Sleeve for Warhammer Battle Magic Cards?

I have been searching for Card Protector Sleeve for Warhammer Battle Magic cards. Seems like the Warhammer Magic cards are of odd size, not the standard trading cards size. This makes it a headache to find a suitable card protector sleeve for the precious battle magic cards.

After much searching high and low, most of the brands or maker for trading cards protection sleeve are all catered for the standard and popular trading cards only. The only brand that have the widest selection is Ultra Pro. If you know of others, do let me know…

There are only 2 solutions I have concluded so far. The Warhammer Battle Magic Cards is at the size of 7.5cm x 11cm, convert to inches which is 2.95″ x 4.33″.

ultra pro top loader

The closest size of protector sleeve to fit is, Ultra Pro Top Loader (3-1/2” X 5-1/8”). There will be quite a fair bit of extra space around the sleeve. The next issue I would say, if the battle magic cards are all sleeved, maybe a deck case is needed. That’s another search.

BCW sleeve 3.5 x 5

Managed to find another brand or maker for Top Loader sleeve, BCW 3.5 x 5 – Index Card Topload Holder. Seems like the size is slightly smaller than the Ultra pro ones, probably will make a better fit.

4 pocket page

The other alternative, is to place the Battle Magic cards in a Page Pocket sleeve, which the closest fit is Ultra Pro 4 Pocket Page, pocket size is at 3.5″ x 5.25″. The pocket page sleeve can be easily filed with any 3 ring binder. I think flipping the binder to use in the midst of any battle is also easy.

I am still not sure which option to choose, probably the page pocket choice. Next, finding Ultra Pro product here in Singapore is tough. Most stores here in SG only have those standard size, not these odd sizes. If you happen to know any shop in SG selling wide choice of sleeve or ultra pro products, do let me know…

Seem like purchasing it online is the next best choice. Any one know of any good trading cards or Ultra Pro online stores, do let me know, cheers!


4 Responses to Card Protector Sleeve for Warhammer Battle Magic Cards?

  1. I just ordered 100 of the ultra-pro 3″x5″ top loaders, they exist but somewhat hard to find. I’ll see how those work.

  2. Will the ultra-pro 3″x5″ top loader be too tight? I thought the closest ultra-pro is 3-1/2” X 5-1/8”? Do let us know how the fitting goes on your card when you receive them… Cheers!

  3. nice to hear from u… probably then I think the 3-1/2” X 5-1/8” is a better choice that would fit the cards. Cheers!