My Warhammer 8th Edition stuff all finally here!

After much hype and waiting, I finally got my Warhammer 8th edition stuff all from Maelstrom this week. Now its time to dig into the new rules, download the recent FAQ from Games Workshop site. Will be waiting for opportunity to game and use the new 8th edition accessories tools. Anyone free?

warhammer stuff

From the packaging, the accessories look good, and the plastic molding look good too. Was thinking maybe the accessories can be enhanced further with more painting… haha, probably a new project later on. The other thing is probably the counter set’s icon is not so directly self explanatory. Took me a while to ponder and guess what those icon means. If an icon or symbol is not self explanatory enough, then probably is not that effective. Probably I thought GW could have designed it with text explanation or include an instruction. Other than that, they all looked awesome and ready to be use for battle!

The battle magic cards look great too. I am thinking of looking around to see if there is any card protector sleeve to protect those cards. I am sure after many battles, the cards will not look fresh anymore…haha. Meantime, let me go hunt around to see if there a card protector sleeve to fit the battle magic cards!


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