40k Daemonhunter Rhino with Tamiya Weathering Effect

Now its time to test out my Tamiya Weathering Powder. Using the sponge applicator just swap gently on the colour palette (see my earlier post on the Tamiya Weather Master), if you need more, apply a little more pressure will enable you to pick more powder on the sponge applicator.

Daemonhunter Rhino tank before weathering

The Daemonhunter Rhino tank above shown has already had some minor weather effect I have done in earlier days with just dry brush of Citadel Snakebite leather. I am going to use the “sand” colour from the Tamiya Weathering Master  to create a dusty sandy feel around the my Daemonhunter Rhino tank track area. Just swap gently on the sand colour on the colour palette and brush around the edge of the tank track area. Apply more sand powder to the tank track area accrodingly to the desired feel.

Daemonhunter Rhino Weathering application

Daemonhunter Rhino with sandy weathering effectNow, you can see the 40k Daemonhunter Rhino having a dusty sand feel on the edge of the tank track. It feels like the Inquisition Rhino had just run through a sandy terrain.

Below are some more pictures of my 40k Daemonhunter Rhino tank. The purity seals are made with green stuff, while the skull icon is taken from the Empire swordman shield icon and added with green stuff. The Inquisition logos are made from cut out cardboards. The accessories on top of the 40k Daemonhunter Rhino Tank are from Tamiya WWII Allied Vehicle Accessories Set.

These are pictures of my 40k Daemonhunter Rhino before the weather effect at the edge of the tracks.

Daemonhunter Rhino TankDaemonhunter Rhino TankDaemonhunter Rhino Tank

Below are pictures of my 40k Daemonhunter Rhino Tank with the weathering effect done using the Tamiya Weathering Master.

40k Daemonhunter Rhino Tank with weathering effect40k Daemonhunter Rhino Tank with weathering effect40k Daemonhunter Rhino Tank with weathering effect

I think overall, the Tamiya Weathering Master colour produced good effect and the powder cake is easy to use with the sponge applicator. The only setback is the weather powder will wear off or come off if you handle them too often or roughly. If you are going to be handling them a lot, I would suggest after the weathering effect is done, spray a coat of Citadel Purity Seal Spray to protect the weathering effects. With the purity seals, the Emperor Shall protect your vehicles! Thanks, for the comment Melvin. Yap, tested the citadel purity seal on the weathering part of my 40k Daemonhunter Rhino. See the picture below.

Daemonhunter Rhino test with Purity Seal

You can see from the picture above, after the Citadel Purity Seal is sprayed on the weathering portion of the 40k Daemonhunter Rhino tank, the lighter portion of the weathering powder effect faded off, only left the portion with the stronger weathering portion is retained. I have tried on some spare plastic parts as well, if you want to retain the weathering powder, apply a stronger coat of the weathering powder, and when sprayed with the Purity Seal, the effect is reduced but still maintain a reasonable weathered effect. Or, you can try the method commented by Melvin, see comments… Thanks.

Seem like the Purity Seal is tainted with Chaos… haha. The Inquisition shall investigate… haha. I do recall the shop assistant mentioned to me if want to maintain the weathering effect, can consider spraying some stuff like the Purity Seal, probably he was referring to Tamiya ones, will check them out probably. Cheers!


4 Responses to 40k Daemonhunter Rhino with Tamiya Weathering Effect

  1. Do not apply spray after you weathered!!! It will disappear. Apply a little watered down pva on the areas you want to weather before applying the weathering pigments to make it stay.

  2. If you have a brush you’re willing to sacrifice you can use that one as an applicator as well. Dip it in water and then take some of the pigment from the palette. Makes it pretty easy and fast to make rainstreaks and such. And it gives you a whole lot of control compared to the “armored tank make up applicators”.

    (I actually got the “This is serious stuff!” from the hobby shop clerk when I bought my Tamiya sets and said; “It’s like make up, for tanks!”. :))

  3. Thanks, Melvin… Yap you are right, the weathering powder faded off (see my updated posted). I tested with a heavier weathering coat, then spray the purity seal, the effect is reduced with still reasonable effect is maintained. Thanks… cheers!

  4. Cool! Thanks for the cool tips… Will try on my up-coming tanks projects soon… Cheers!