Purge the Daemons!

Games Workshop has just released advance order for the New Daemons. Check out at the advance order at Game Workshop site. The plastic daemon prince has been in the rumours and coming soon gossips, and now its finally here. The best part of it, it can be used in Warhammer Fantasy or in Warhammer 40k. Both bases are supplied in the kit. The rest of the daemons stuff looks good too, and as well it can be used in Fantasy or 40K.

I am not so much into daemons, but I am definitely into slaying daemons… DaemonHunters!! Now got new daemons, I think the Inquisitions definitely need to buck to handle all those new daemons. Probably I guess that most likely the Inquisitions are definitely in the updates and making, along with the rumours here and there, the truth is still kept a secret (no one knows), cos they are the Inquisitions after all, suppose to be top secret… hahaha. With more new daemons running around, we definitely sure need the Inquisitions to purge the daemons…

++++CASE FILE 563795 B:AA xdK6++++
Please enter your authority code > ************
Welcome, Commander Kellock.
Request for Inquisition Assistance…
Request Inquisition assisted investigation…
Daemon Infestation at Central Sub Base.
Request submitted
Log out…

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