I finally ordered my Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

I finally ordered my Warhammer 8th Edition. Below are what I have ordered…

1. Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition rule book
2. Warhammer Counter set
3. Warhammer Template set
4. Warhammer Battle Magic cards

Was in a kind of excited mood when I was surfing Games Workshop site where I read people receiving the Warhammer 8th Edition. Then I was at Bell of lost Souls site, could feel the excitement where there were articles already about the new rules! Gosh, I am feeling the excitement already. I try to refrain from reading too much of the new rules and hype online, for I think I shall wait for the rulebook to coming knocking on my door and I shall WOW myself! Meantime, maybe I will drop by my local store and see if I can catch the Engineer Ranging Set…


3 Responses to I finally ordered my Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

  1. Yap, will download all the FAQ, and try to resist reading it, and save it one shot with the 8th Edition rulebook…haha.