I still have not ordered my Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

A few more days before the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition is release, I still have not ordered my copy. I have sort of decided what to order already, probably will be getting these only…

1. Warhammer 8th edition rule book
2. Warhammer counter set
3. Warhammer Template set
4. Warhammer Battle Magic cards
5. Engineer Ranging Set – still undecided though, probably will see if my local store bringing in or not.

Have not been paying much attention to the new rules though there are rumour everywhere online about it. I am preparing to wow myself when I get the 8th edition rule book and save the excitement for later. I was reading this month White Dwarf where entire copy of it was totally featured on the 8th edition release, some of the new things did entice and wow me. The ability to field a horde unit with extra attacks from the second and third rank sure caught my attention. First thing that comes to my mind, I can assemble more Empire Swordmen to form horde units… haha. More distraction, now I am digging my old piles of boxes to see how many Empire troops I have shelved. Then I can have more skeletons for my Vampire Counts army as well.

I was very excited when I read the article from BOLS that with the new army selection and artillery guess rule changes, artillery in Empire is gonna blow stuff away… haha. Wa, more war machines, that will reduced my unlucky charm of always rolling a misfire…haha. I still recalled having games where in turn 1 I rolled misfire for my cannon, and turn 2 misfire again for my 2nd cannon…haha.

Its starting to thrill me up already, but I think I will keep the surprise for the new rules when I receive my copy of the new Warhammer 8th edition rule book.

Meantime, let me go dig out my Painting Shop and see where are my extra swordmen sleeping… haha. And back to more Cadians…


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