Inquisition and Deathwatch thoughts

Recently came across Fantasy Flight site revealing about the new Space Marines Deathwatch RPG. Saw the video intro and interview, sure made me felt inspired about my Inquisitions.

But as of current, the fate of the Inquisition codex is still everyone’s guess. But the recent PDF updates on the 2 Inquisitions, DemonHunters and Witchhunters, has got everyone talking about the allied support being removed. But in the recent update entry on Games Workshop site has clarified that the PDF updates does not supersede the codex. Like I mentioned before in in my earlier post, its mutual agreement between 2 players which codex or PDF update they wanna follow to get a game going.

This remind me of years ago when they first introduced Demonhunters, (loved the 40k Grey Knights since, and loving now still, haha) after which there was the rumour of the 3 Inquisitions, Demonhunters, Witchhunters and Alienhunters, I guess the Alien part did not happened. Back then I was anticipating the Alien Hunter released, wishing for Deathwatch new miniatures… haha. Well, all this never happen, but seriously was the rumour about the Alien Hunters ever true, or did anyone ever have solid evidence of it being true. Sure sounds like something the Inquisition would investigate… haha.

Looking at the art work for the Deathwatch on the Fantasy Flight site, sure makes me wanna start a unit of Deathwatch. This reminded me, the rules for filling Death is in which Issue of White Dwarf… let me dig that out. And, currently there’s only the Deathwatch Kill Team Conversion Kit available on GW site only. I think GW did released box set of it way before… wasted, should have gotten it back then.

By the way, since Fantasy Flight does RPG games, has anyone played Warhammer or Warhammer 40k RPG, maybe can share some gaming experience? I would imagine playing Inquisition would be cool… now, imagine, playing Deathwatch, wow… I can feel the character and the power armour already…haha.


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