40k Imperial Guards HQ Command Squad next…

After much disappointment about allied option being removed from the Daemonhunters and Witchhunters, its back to more miniature painting.

Got my command squad all done earlier, now I am trying to get my Imperial Guards HQ command squad done up. Managed to coat the Voxcaster, standard bearer, plasma Guardsman and the heavy flamer guardman. Next step would be to start shading and highlighting then.

hq command squad progress

My son have been triggering happy (rolling dices, 4+ to hit…) with his Imperial guards lately. He borrowed my flamer guardman to add to his squad and I introduced him the flamer template. Anything under the template are hits. Since then, he been complaining why he doesn’t have a flamer guardman…haha.

My son's Imperial Guards flamer Guardman
My son's Imperial Guards flamer Guardman

Anyway, I managed to convert one of his Imperial Guardman to a flamer using some of my leftover bits. His Imperial Guardman is the snap on type, so I have to cut and patched up the arms and some of the gaps with green stuff. He was excited and wanted to get it painted quickly.

Its still half painted, but he’s looking forward to flame some stuff… haha.


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