Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Accessories

Have been drooling over the advanced orders for the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition. I have been going on and off the Games Workshop site and trying to decide what I should be getting.

At first I thought the Warhammer Gamers’ Edition would be cheaper or same price if compared to getting the rest of the stuffs individually, but it turns out that you will be paying extra £10 for the bag. Don’t thing I am into the bag, so probably I will get the stuffs separately which will be the 8th Edition Rulebook, Warhammer Skull Dice, Warhammer Counter Set, Warhammer Template Set and the Warhammer Battle Magic. All these adds up to a total of only £71, a saving of £4 compared to Gamers’ Edition. So, saving the bag will in place get you the Battle Magic cards.

The other thing to check out is definitely the templates. Check out the Games Workshop Gaming Aid demo video.

Wow, it will sure help you decide what to get, haha. Gosh I am impressed with the accessories in the video. I had to pause to examine the templates, they are nicely moulded in plastic, and the details look great!

The Engineer’s Ranging Set, wow, looks good and impressive. The ruler looks like its in plastic, it would be nicer if it is a crafted wooden ruler. The counters and templates for counting combat resolution looks cool and very useful in the heat of a game! Details looks good as well.

Overall, I think from the video the accessories are impressive, as compared to some of the counters set Game Workshop released many years ago which was just printed plastic cards. Meantime, just have to wait for the release, then we can touch and feel more, cheers!


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