Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition is out on Games Workshop site for advance order. Check it out!

There are quite a few interesting stuff being released, check it out at the site

  • Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Rule Book
  • Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Rule Book ( Special Collector Edition)
  • Warhammer Gamers’ Edition
  • Engineer’s Ranging Set
  • Warhammer Skull Dice
  • Warhammer Counter Set
  • Warhammer Template Set
  • Warhammer Battle Magic
  • Citizens of the Empire – Duellists
  • Citizens of the Empire – Merchant & Scribe
  • Citizens of the Empire – Regimental Mascot

MiniWarGaming Painting E-Book

The templates and the dice are nicely designed. The counter set is interesting though, it has a combat resolution calculator. This would prove to be handy when resolving combats. The next thing that would definitely be very handy is the Warhammer Battle Magic cards. Good reference in the heat of battle when you need to refer to the spells, dont need to flip the Warhammer rule book, and always end up cannot finding the correct pages when needed.

The Engineer’s Ranging Set is another interesting set though. Thinks its more of a measuring tool, like the range ruler or such, but it is being design in a fancy way. Being label “while stock last” sure tempts me to get it.

The release does include some miniatures. The Citizens of the Empire – Duellists is definitely a good buy to represent the Duellist in the unit of Empire State Troops for the core units.

Meantime, let me slowly decide what should I be getting. Seems like the Warhammer Gamers’ Edition is a good buy only if you wanna collect the bag, if not, its not really worth it as compared to getting the stuff individually.The Engineer’s Ranging Set sure sound tempting with it being limited stock… haha.


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