Power Fist to open Games Workshop Citadel new paint pots?

Seems like Games Workshop Citadel paint pot will be getting a new look. Check out the sneak peek at here at Table Top Gaming News.

GW new paint pot

From the sneak peek picture, the new Games Workshop Citadel paint pot seems like it is reverting back to the screw type cover cap or is it still the flip type like the current ones and the foundation ones. The sneak peek picture can’t really see the back of the paint pot to conclude the cap cover design. But the overall design feels very much like a bolter round, feel cool to have “rounds” on your painting workshop, haha.

From a usage point of view, the current flip type caps are better than the screw down type. I had a lot of problem with the screw type caps previously. Especially if the cap is not screw down tight, or if the cap is screwed down too tight, over time, the paint clogged, and the cap get stuck. By the time you squeeze with all your might to open the cap, your hands are red and sore, talk about picking up the brush and paint after that. Probably the whole is idea is you need to be a Space Marine then you can open the paint pot, or you must have a Power Fist then you can open the paint pots…hahaha.

The current flip type cap is easy to use. So far all these while, there’s no sign of red and sore hands while opening the paint pot, and my Power Fist is kept at bay and not issued…hahaha. Other than the flip caps might be easily broken after many open close cycles, I still feels that the current flip type cap clogs and dries the paint faster as compared to the screw type ones. Whichever, both types still causes the paints to clog and dry faster, unless you compare to the the squeeze bottle type like Vallejo. All these years of painting miniatures, I have been sticking with GW Citadel paints, maybe I should try Vallejo paints… Hmmmm.

As the picture is not so clear about the design, whatever the final look and design might be, at the end of the day, I just don’t want to end up in frustration when opening up a paint pot.

Meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see how the new Citadel paint pots are when they are released. Cheers!


3 Responses to Power Fist to open Games Workshop Citadel new paint pots?

  1. In your post you say the picture gives the impression that they are going back to the screw on tops… Did you look at the picture itself? If so you’d notice that the new style pots are the same as the current ones used by the “Foundation” paint line. I’m not saying there better, but at least show the correct comparison pics.

  2. Maybe you are right, on second look, it does look like the foundation design. But my first impression when I saw it, it look like a screw type, maybe cos of the transparent design. We will see when more details surface over time… cheers.