Ultramarines, A Warhammer 40k Movie – Teaser ???

The teaser for the Ultramarines movie is released. You can check out at the site www.ultramarinesthemovie.com

However, after much slow wait and news, I must say that the teaser was a disappointment, other then the Space Marine was 3D modeled beautifully. The teaser just featured a tired looking Space Marine Captain Severus narrating the intro about the Warhammer 40k universe and Space Marines, and then its cut into the credits and titles. Huh? I was watching it and anticipating excitement to come after the narration, but before I could react, it ended.

Gosh, from a teaser and trailer design point of view, I think it does not draw any audience or any new audience. There is anticipation at the start of the narration, but however, it is not accompanied with any action to draw the audience into it and wanting to find out more. Totally disappointing. Even my son ( he paints as well and is a fan of the Imperial Guards, haha ) was watching with me, he was anticipating Space Marines and actions, and he reacted same like me, Huh.. no more? Haha.

I still remember the Halo 3 teaser I watched years way back. It left a good impression on me till now. I still remember it well, though I am not really a Halo fan. The teaser started off with an aftermath battle scene followed by MasterChief walking towards the edge of the cliff, and overlooking it. The cliff scene zoomed out to more ships flying in the sky towards a big portal and then it was cut off. This teaser had anticipation at the start, the aftermath battle scene already made the audience wondered what had happened, then it was followed by actions where the scene was zoomed out with all the ships and the portal closing. With the scene cut off after the portal was revealed, I was already curious and would wanna stay tuned to fine out what was the action that will come along or what storyline will unfold. Now, this is what I would call a teaser.

I think watching the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War games trailer is much much more exciting than this teaser. The Dawn of War trailers usually leaves me high and motivated, and wanting to shout out loud, FOR THE EMPEROR… haha. Well, lets hope the next Space Marines Ultramarine Movie trailer is good, along with the movie release which would be better. Cheers!


3 Responses to Ultramarines, A Warhammer 40k Movie – Teaser ???

  1. perhaps the ultimate irony is that (if you bracket out the wonderful voice of John Hurt) the trailer was probably of lower quality than Damnatus

  2. Yap, I probably think so as well. The selling point they had now is probably the voice of John Hurt. Other than that, it failed as a teaser… Cheers!

  3. Wow you are not wrong! The DOW Intro was 1 million times better than that. Cannot say I am excited about seeing the movie anymore.