Inquisition Grey Knights thoughts

Inquisition! Grey Knights purge all evils!

grey knightsI guess if you have not heard, there’s already been a lot of buzz and rumours about what might be the new release of Grey Knights coming soon. I guess as what everyone predicted, probably it will be in the third or fourth quarter of this year. I am already in the plans of thinking how to gather and saving my gold coins for what the up comings might be. With the Fantasy 8th edition gonna out in July, and if the Grey Knights were to be release after that or later, it will sure cost me quite a fair bit of gold coins… haha.

Well, all these years, my demonhunters has been my favourite army ever since I started the warhammer hobby. Though its been quoted that its a tough army race to play with, yes I do agree. I guess most of all these years of battles with them, I have been having only 20% wins. Though I lost most of the game, I still enjoyed playing with them, especially firing all that storm bolters! I called it “…and it rained bolts!” Do share with me your favourite Inquisitions battles and experiences with me….

Its not so much of whether losing or winning for me, but the process of playing and shooting all that storm bolters and wielding that nemesis force weapon that really thrills me a lot! If you have read the Black Library novel Grey Knights, wow, you can really imagine and picture how the Grey Knights would be like. I am definitely looking forward to the new Grey Knights. As for the rules, probably I am guessing it will be tuned to be more balanced to be able to take all those demons of chaos…

A lot of people are guessing that whether the inquisition codex will be combined or be an individual codex. My preference would be the Inquisition be in its own Orders of individual codex. With the different Orders of Ordo Malleus having its own codex, this would bring out more fluff and stories to the Inquisitions. After all, its all these stories and fluff that brings out the whole characters of the game and the army itself. What ever the outcome, I will still be faithful to my favourite Inquisitions.

Maybe the stormtroopers might get a new release as well along together with the Grey Knights. There have been no mention of the stormtroopers even in the recent release of the Imperial guards. If its true, wow, there’s a lot of gold coins that need saving… haha.

So much for now, let get ready for the Inquisitions in the meantime… which reminds me, I still have quite a few Grey Knights and Inquisitors sitting on my shelves… haha.


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