The Science Fiction World of Mecha

In the world of Science Fiction, there are robots, laser guns and more. For robots, there are many types. One of the types that I am referring to is the mecha. A Mecha is like a big or giant robot where there is a pilot controlling the robot. The arms of the Mecha are usually armed with weapons ranging from laser cannons to giant robotic fist for engaging in close combat.

In the Warhammer 40k universe,  Mecha are called Dreadnought.They are actually piloted by a space marine. The Space Marines are superhuman elite warriors. They are genetically enhanced with harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. They are immune by plague or to any natural disease and can suffer wounds and injuries that would kill any human being several times more, and can live to fight again. Armed in power armour and powerful weapons, the Space Marines are terrifying foes. Their devotion to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man is unbreakable and beyond words can describe.

However, when a space marine falls, if there is a still sign of life in them, their body are transferred to a armoured sarcophagus or coffin. The sarcophagus has life support system that keeps the space marine on going, and they are tombed within the armour of the sarcophagus permanently where they will fight till their last breath or till destroyed.

In the other universe of science fiction world of mecha, there are famous ones like…

MechAssault (BattleTech) universe, where the world fights battles with walkers and mecha. I recall playing those early days PC games when you pilot the Mechwarrior mecha and start shooting at all the enemies.

When come to mecha or robots, how can we forget to mention those Japanese Mecha. Those famous animations, like Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Robotech, Macross, etc. These are the few famous and popular ones with toys and collectibles flooding the toy market industry.

In movies, there are also quite a few features about mecha.

In the movie Matrix Revolution where they are defending their home Zion, they fight the machines with walkers as well. And they have runners running around to reload rounds for the mecha walkers. I recalled after watching that scene, felt so inspired to start painting my dreadnoughts. I found out that there’s also a Lego version for this battle scene as well, see here. As to getting hold of this collectible I thinks its hard to find.

Another famous scene is in Alien the movie, where Sigourney Weaver was in a yellow mecha fighting off the alien. I remember seeing the toy collectible for this one when the movie was released at that year.

In the recent movie, Avatar, there are also mecha being featured. They are called the Amplified Mobility Platform or AMP, and armed with a battle auto cannon on one arm and a battle arm. Check out the collectibles of this AMP here

So far, these are what I know or familiar with so far. If you know of any famous or popular mecha in the world of Science Fiction, do comment below and let me know. Hope to hear from all of you all!


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