Vampire Count Necromancer

Finally completed my Necromancer. After much looking around references, seems like most Necromancer robes are usually black and dark kind of feel. Decided to just stick with plain black robes and black capes with highlights.

“Now… I summon more… more… skeleton warriors!… Arrrgghhh”


4 Responses to Vampire Count Necromancer

  1. I am curious how did you do your Grave Guard shields. Some look purple. Did you do the same red shade/tint on them as the cloaks?

  2. All my grave guards are of the same colour scheme. The shields and draps/cape/cloaks are all same too. They are painted with Citadel Scab Red, followed by a wash of Citadel Wash Badab Black, then highlighted with a mix of Citadel Skull White and Citadel Scab Red. The cape for my necromancer is the same scheme technique as well, but painted with Citadel Red Gore followed by wash and highlights. Cheers!

  3. Thanks. I redid my 30 grave guard last night to your scheme. They came out exactally like I imagined they should look. Your formula work perfect.

    When you highlighted the capes did you drybrush or use a glaze for the highlighting?

  4. Nice to hear from you. For the Grave Guards’ shields, its more of using the mixture of Citadel Skull White / Citadel Scab Red and dry brush the high areas. For the capes, usually I like to highlight the mixture using wet blending technique. Hope this helps… Cheers!