A Series of Unfortunate I.T.

A series of unfortunate events for my comp… where is the machine spirit when I need it most… arrgh.

Did have not much time to paint anything the whole of last week. Mind was just boogling with how to solve the unforunate IT events.

First, my anti virus expired, so I got the latest 2010 version. Installed it and the the machine spirit gone bonkers. The new anti virus is too intelligent that it prevent some of my programs from functioning properly. Went through techical support from the anti virus and the various program’s supports. Some conflicts here and there between the programs were causing the instability . In the end, had to revert back to the 2009 aniti virus edition and activate it with the new licence.

Next my internet connection suddenly went dead. Just my luck, which chaos could be tainting my machine spirits, and where are my Grey Knights…haha. My router was dead, sigh, moment of silent for the router who has served me 3 good years. I needed a router and a printer server, after much time spend shopping in the IT mart, managed to find a suitable model. Fixed it up, and the machine spirits is good to go. Was able to go online and do my stuff. But it lasted only for one and a half day, and got tainted by chao again, haha and cannot work anymore.

Went back to the shop and exchanged for another brand’s model. Fired it up again, took me a whole evening to set up this new model… but its working fine for 1 day and half already. So far so good, as I am writing this, may the machine spirit bless…. Meantime, let me sort out my stuffs and get back to more painting.


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