Dire Wolves and Space Wolves Fever!

After finishing my Vampire Count Dire Wolves, it sure left me in a very wolfy mood…haha. It did struck me with the thought of maybe I should start collecting Warhammer 40k Space Wolves, haha.

Inspired a little, went to my painting shop and ramble through my previous issues of White Dwarf where the new Space Wolves were released.Hmm, sure the space wolves looks cool… (probably got the wolves spirit infected into me already…haha). Looking at the Troops choice of Space Wolves Pack of 10 marines, one of them has a helmet shaped like a wolf. I was thinking if only I can field my troops of Space Wolves marines with all these helmets instead of the usual Space Marines helmet, wow, they will sure look very cool. Guess there’s probably only one wolf helmet in the box of 10 Space wolves marines.

This remind me of quite a few yrs back when they had the Space Wolves 13th Company for the Eye of Terror. At that time, I was also tempted to start Space Wolves as well, I got all attracted to the Wulfens. But I never started anyway…haha. Same feeling now, maybe I will hang around and see the rest of the Chapters’  release, knowing the future for my Inquisitions sounds bleak… For the Emperor!

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