Imperial Guards Stormtroopers vs Elysian Drop Troops

stormtrooperWas so excited about the idea about using Elysian Drop Troop to represent the Imperial Guards Stormtroopers. Did a price cost comparison on how much it would be.

The  Stormtroopers or IG Karskin are now only available on the GW online store. Currently everyone is anticipating on the rumours about the new stormtroopers possibility.

The break down comparison is as follows…

10 men Karskin                                                                 – £25
Blister of Special Weapons (plasma and melta)  – £9
Total for a 10 men Karskin                                  – £34

Forgeworld does include individual special weapons men, so in order to get a plasma and melta men, you will need to get the command squads which include the weapons.

10 men Elysian Drop Troop                                                      – £36
Elysian Command Squad (melta man)                                – £22
Elysian Command HQ (plasma man)                                   – £22
Total to form 10 men with Melta & Plasma          – £80
(extra of Grenade Launcher, Demolition charge, Officer, 2x Medic, 2x Vox-caster, Senior Officer)

Another option probably possible, but need more work and conversion

10 men Elysian Drop Troop                                        – £36
Death Korps weapon set                                               – £12
Total                                                                                     – £48

Seem like an expensive options for all, probably will hang around with the rumours and wait for the new ones.

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