Warhammer 40k Inquisitions

Been reading rumours here and there from BOLs and Warseer about the Inquisitions. Not sure if it will be stop or is there a new version.  Seem like on the GW online stores, Witchhunters Sisters’ is not no longer available in the box set of 10 sisters. There’s only the blisters of 3 sisters only. For Grey knights, its still there on the GW online store.

Not sure what GW is doing to the Inquistions, let hope they will revise it and kill it off the shelves. But I do feel they wont kill it, but there will be a revision. But as to what it is, no new or rumours yet. So far, only rumours from BOLs mentioning that there are concept arts for Demonhunter and Witchhunters, and also new miniatures for Grey Knights Terminators. Being an Inquisition fan all these years, I am definately looking forward to these rumours being come true.

Which reminds me that, I still have many many Sisters not painted and Grey Knights, Inquistors all piled up on the shelves. Hmm, remind me of my Favourite Captain Stern I have  not painted yet all these years…haha. Managed to snap some picts of my Inquisitions….

Warhammer 40k Inquisitor and Retinue

Grey Knights Terminators

Witch Hunter Sisters


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