Warhammer Winged Vampire Lord

“Argghh… hear me… my skeletons! Walk the land of the living, purge all living!”

Finally managed to get my Vampire Lord done over the weekend. When I started could not really decide what colour scheme for the vampire. As to my style always, I dont want to maintain a clean wing or feel to the vampire, should feel beastal feeling and have a wear & tear feel to it. Stick around to the range of brown family colours and managed to shade and wash it. Wanted to do a red armour at first, but still feel that its kind of strange having a red armour like the army book cover. In the end, I decided to stick to a metallic metal finish like a typical armour with gold knee and shoulder outlines. The sword had a red wash followed by a dry brush of a mix of red and white, my Lord is holding the sword of blood drinker…

Winged Vampire Lord

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