How to store left over Warhammer and 40K sprues and bits

When I first started this whole hobby, Usually after I completed a troop choice or unit, I would keep the remains of the sprues and bits in the box.

If you wonder whats on the remain on the sprues (for those who have not assemble GW miniatures before), they are left over of other choice of weapons and options. These options usually are available so that you can decide which choice or weapons to assemble for your miniatures. Nowadays GW kits mostly comes with Multi Parts kit with lots of options and choice available. What to do with these extra weapons and bits, usually they are useful later on if you are into converting a miniature and you need these weapon here and there. It gets kind of fun to mix and match and convert your miniatures.

Anyway, space is a constrain for me, as you have many box piling up when you are done with the miniatures. No choice but to pack all the sprues together and throw away the nice artwork boxes. Usually I store them in a container box like this. You can get this types of boxes from Ikea or from Amazon, its really useful and the size is just about right for a typical sprue size. But It can only hold a few sprues.

How to store your sprues and bits

One of my friends suggested how to save space and keep the bits. Cut out all the weapons, options and bits from the sprue, and bagged them in a ziplock bag, labeled. Wow, this saves a lot of space for me. Now, one container box can hold quite a number of bags of bits.

How to store your sprues and bits

Now, back to cutting all the bits out from my Empire Sprues…

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