Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Heavy Flamer Conversion

Still in the Cadian Mood… Was going through the Codex, building the Command HQ squad points, when I realised that I needed a heavy flamer. As there is only Imperial Guard flamer available on the 40k Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops box set, if one needs a heavy flamer, one would have to perform an imperial guard conversion to convert a heavy flamer. I ran through my sprues and bitz and see what I could come up with.

cadian heavy flamer

I came up with the idea of having a double barrel flamer, which is like having a double dose of flame, creating a heavy flame. Cut the body of the gernade launcher, took two cut flamer heads and glued to the gernade launcher body. This make a double barrel feel to form a heavy flamer. Patch up of the the gaps and empty area with green stuff. And, wow, a Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer. Check out my post to see how I got the Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer painted.


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