Imperial Guards Cadian 10 men squad in progress

Lately been really held by work, trying to squeeze time to paint, but sometimes just really too tired to concentrate. I ever experienced before when I was very tired and I still forced myself to paint. Next day, when I take a look at what I painted last night, wa, terrrible messy standards… haha.


Anyway, I am still currently working on my cadians. On the edge of finishing 10 men squad. Managed to finally complete all of them, left only the camo design on the armour & uniform, base  and the shoulder pads unit numberings.

3 Responses to Imperial Guards Cadian 10 men squad in progress

  1. Hi! I love the looks of your cadians! I have recently been looking for examples of painted cadians that have more of a ‘Modern Soldier’ look to them. If you could send me your painting scheme that would be awesome!!!

    P.S. if you forgot the scheme, all I really need is the name of the bright tan colour you used on their helmets. Thanks!

  2. I meant to add that your troops have that modern look and that the guy with the melta is probably the nicest looking model I have ever seen before!

  3. Thanks. Check out the gallery section to see the completed Cadian. The helmet and uniform are based with Citadel Bleach Bone. Then the camo colours are chaos black, scorched brown, catachan green and camo green.