Miniature Painting and Deadline

I guess if you have been in this painting Miniature hobby,  probably you have come to a stage where you have pile of miniatures and boxes all stacked up, all waiting to be paint. Haha… well in my painting shop, I have tons all waiting to be painted.

As I mention deadline, you might think that, “what? hobby also wanna have deadline?” Work already have deadline and stress, talk about hobby. The deadline you set in a hobby is different from work. This deadline you set yourself and define and adjust and keep to it. So, its not that stressfull after all.

With a deadline, it does help pushing yourself and getting things completed. Always keep your deadline in check and see that things are in progress. Sometimes, mood swing might kick in and you wanna switch project here and there…haha, that always happen to me. Well, on the bright side, I still get some stuff painted and achieved my objective, right?

My deadline for my cities are due this week or extended to next. Now its basing my cities. My other project that are in KIV and in queue, will switch back to my Imperial Guards and target to get all my tanks and troops done. Next in line, will my vampires… Started last year, and wanted to complete sometime early this year, but the Imperial guards fever caused the excitment and I got carried. Will definitely get back to my lovely vamp and skeletons…haha..


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