Warhammer 40k : Sneak peek – IG Hellhound and Demolisher Sprue

If you are into Warhammer 40k Imperial Guards, definitely you are keen in the tanks. I am in the tank shock fever! Waiting patiently for the released for the New Imperial Guards Hellhound and Imperial Guards Leman Russ Demolisher. In the meantime, you can have peek at the upcoming Imperial tanks’ sprue at this links…



Bell of lost soul site features the sneak peek for the sprue. Cool isnt it! I am so excited about it. If you have been assembling and painting Imperial Tanks, you will notice the different in the moulding sprue layout. Previously the tanks tracks and the tanks chassis sprue are 2 seperate sprues, and you have to cut the tracks bit by bit to assemble the tracks.

In the new tracks, if you have noticed, the tanks tracks are moulded together with the chassis sprue. And the tracks are numbered so that it is assembled in order and number, left and right side, onto the chassis. Wow, this makes assembling the tracks much easier as compared to the previous sprues. I think the future Leman Russ tanks probably all will be updated to this new sprue layout. I like the tanks new turrent design as well. Its slimmer compared to the old design, making the tank feel more sleek. Cant wait for the tanks this August!

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