40k IG Hellhound & Demolisher

Just as I was getting excited about 40k new Imperial Guards tanks Hellhound and Demolisher gonna be release next month, I found another disappointing news.  The new tanks does not comes with the tank basic accessories sprue. That is why if you have compared the price for the new tanks and the old tanks, there is a drop in price in the upcoming new tanks. And the accessories is only available at Gamesworkshop online store only.

What’s on the accessories sprue? The accessories have bits to enhanced your tanks following the options available when you upgrade a tank in a 40k game. There are the track guards, heavy stubber gun, dozer blade, misc las guns, storm bolter, logo…etc.

Though price is lower for the new tanks, but if you purchase the accessories sprue with the tank, the cost would be slightly higher than the old tank.

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