Army Builder 3.2

The new version of army builder 3.2 will be released sometimes around this month or next. For those who do not know what is the army builder, its a program that generate the army list for warhammer or warhammer 40k game play. Besides Games workshop products and games, it can generate other games system of army listing as well.

If you have been using the traditional method to create a army list, pen and paper, try the army builder program, it makes army list building easy. You can check out Army Builder at this site The current version is 3.1c, wait for the new 3.2 version sometimes this month or next. You can download a free demo version for the coming version 3.2.

The new version will have features like saving your list to PDF format, save your list to a mobile friendly format, better data file updates, new interface….etc.

If your current licence is active, you can update for free. If not, you have to purchase a new version.

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