Difference between Military Modeling and Fantasy Sci-fi Miniature Modeling

If you are new or ever consider modeling, you might have come across the choice which kind of models to model and paint. When I first started, it did occur to me what causing the satisfaction when finished. Then I tried to switch to paint those world war II models and those military models. It seems that the satisfaction was not there as much as in the sci-fi fantasy kind. So, what is the difference and caused?

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Military Models or…? … or Fantasy Models?

If you are into sci-fi and fantasy, then the satisfaction come in,  that is because your fantasy have come true in a physical form, and in full color. For the military models, I guess as compared to the fantasy ones, its like a reality being formed. Reality being form reason being that these models are replicate of the real thing, whether it is the current model or historical ones. Thus, when a fantasy is realized in physical form, it hold slightly more satisfaction than the reality ones. You might argued that the military ones can also consider a fantasy come true being that I now possesed a model version of the real thing. The word is real thing, fantasy ones there are no real one in existence, just dreams, and these dreams are made into models.

The other difference is the way fantasy models are modeled. Usually because they are fantasy, they are usually modeled in very rich, expressive and exaggerated form. And when we paint it, and if we adopt the exaggerated painting style, rich highlights and such, we bring the exaggeration and richness into the next level of satisfaction.

Anyway, be it which choice one decide, our main aim is still to have fun and enjoy what we like doing and making our reality dream come true or making our dream’s dream come true… cheers!

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