Warhammer 40k IG Chimera Tank Detachable Dozer Blade

If you are into Warhammer 40k gaming, you will usually want to make your models to represent exactly what is in the game. The newer Game Workshop models nowadays comes with many options for weapons and accessories upgrade.  Like for the Chimera I have painted, it is done with the dozer blade but it is detachable. But there might be instances in a gaming session, I do not want to bring the dozer blade in the game, I can just detached it. So it is good idea to make some of the weapons or accesories detachable and interchangeable.


For the dozer blades I have added magnets so that they easily removed or add-on. These magnets are not normal magnets but they are call super magnets. They are pretty strong and firm once the are snapped together.

Now your tanks can be equiped with various options for various purpose in a game. Not just for  gaming, sometimes it can also be used to change the parts for different mood of display as well.

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