Warhammer 40k IG Leman Russ & Chimera Tanks

Been a while since I wrote anything. But all these while life have been up and down.

Anyway, been crazy about tanks, since GamesWorkshop released the new Imperial Guards. Managed to dig out some tanks I have and got started. Below are the picts… enjoy. More tanks are coming out from GamesWorkshop, I am getting ready to tank shock!

My painting style have always been not the clean style, but have the dirty and weathered feel to it. For this Leman Russ, I thought as the tank went into the battle field, shells exploded, carbon in the air, dusk and sand are everywhere, all landing on the tank, so I painted and wash it with dirt and dust everywhere.

This Chimera have the same weathered feel to it. But this Chimera went into a area of yellow mud and dirt, resulting in the yellow mud stains everywhere.

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