Long time ago…

Wow..been held up by stuff and work lately, now I guess its time I share my stories.

I guess its been a long while since I got into this addiction of the miniature world, probably 5 yrs plus. Its mainly the of world miniatures from the miniatures maker Gameworkshop. All started when I saw one of my students meddling with these miniatures. For a moment of first impression, I thought it was a crazy idea to paint something so bloody small. What the hack, decide to give it a shot, got one minitature and tried it. It was a miniature of a gun man riding on a horse, its was the Empire Pistolier. OH… gosh, the addiction started the moment I lay a coated paintbrush onto the miniature, and when the miniature was completed, its was so satisfying. The joy and satisfaction is so hard to describe… you have to feel and believe in it, and experience it.

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