A New Toy for Upgrade

Towards the end of last year, finally I decided to plunge into the world of airbrush. One of the main reason that was stopping me from getting a airbrush was the space constraint I have in my Painting Shop room. There was just no space for a compressor in my room.

sparmax arism viz

Guess the timing was right, and there was this new small portable compressor that sit perfectly on my painting desk workshop. I got a Sparmax ARISM VIZ. Its a nicely compact designed compressor, as compared to those odd looking cylindrical shape type, with just the perfect size that sits on my painting desk. For the performance, so far its been good, along with good constant pressure performance. The pressure levels for this small compressor is good enough for what I am doing, mainly small amount of base coating and highlighting of miniatures only.

The ARISM VIZ has a smart stop feature where you can rest the airbrush and the compressor pause. To best use this feature, the compressor had to be place on the edge of a desk so that the airbrush can rest on the holder with it air host dangling freely. Due to space constraint I had to place my compressor towards the inside of my desk, which when I rest my airbrush on the smart stop holder, it does not activate the smart stop feature easily. This is due to the airbrush / air host holding upward to prevent which the airbrush from resting firmly on the holder to activate the smart stop (see the illustration below). This is the only setback I had, other than this, its a wonderful compressor to start with.


For the airbrush, I got a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2 in 1 series. Its a starter or beginner airbrush. If you are starting airbrushing, I would highly recommend this starter airbrush. For a starter brush, I would say the performance is good, smooth and consistent. The other good thing is the way the brush is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Stripping it and cleaning is a breeze I must say. Guess as my skill improves, my next dream is the Infinity Series…

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