40k Eldar Windraiders

Completed this squad of Eldar Windraiders a while back. Totally forgotten all about it until I was sorting out my photos. Recalled this was a urgent project and the Windraiders came and left.

eldar windraiders

eldar windraiders

Had the squad of Windraiders painted in the same blue colour scheme as client’s Eldar squad colour. The Eldar pilot was done in a grey shade and a white helmet design.

The stripe design on the Windraiders I had to mask it with a Tamiya masking tape forming a V shape design, thereafter, painting the stripe design with a thinned down grey and then highlighted it with white. Though I painted the stripe with thinned paint over few layer, I still get a little of painted built up at the edges of the masking. After the removal of the masking tape, with a little clean up with extra fine sandpaper, everything looks good to roll out! Cheers!

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