Raise my Undead! Vampire Count Necromancer

Few weeks back, I managed to get my Vampire Count Necromancer all done up at the last hour and got it submitted in time for The Rotten Harvest 2011 contest. The results for The Rotten Harvest contest – Witches and Warlock category is out now and I got a place in the 2nd position. Check out the other entries gallery here. Thank you everyone for voting and Wyrd for the great contest!

The Witches and Warlock category is for all miniatures Spellcasters from fantasy to sci-fi. At first, I thought of getting the freebooters miniature for this category, but after much rumbling through my shelves, I realized that my Vampire Count Necromancer fits the category completely. As the pose for the Necromancer sculpt is like as if he is casting a spell of sort, I thought he should be casting the Innvocation of Nekek spell, raising an undead skeleton warrior.

vampire count necromancer

vampire count necromancer

With the bitz and extras from the Vampire Count skeleton warrior sprue, I managed to convert half a skeleton warrior raising from a pool of skulls and bone. The stone slab and pool of skulls are from Games Workshop Citadel Hero Basing Kit which I got a while back. The arm for the skeleton I had to cut and re-oriented the wrist and the sword arm wrist to a pose as if the skeleton is pushing itself up from the pile of skulls.

The colour choice for the Necromancer I followed the theme and colour feel for my Vampire Count army. Guess after much research, Necromancer are usually in a darker tone of robes and cloak. Anyway, as my Necromancer is casting the spell from a dusty pools of skulls ruins… I finished the miniature with a dust of weathering powder, as if he has been around lurking around the dusty skull ruins for skeletons reinforements.

I sure had lot of fun converting and painting this Necromancer, sure adds a new dark energy to my Vampire Count Army. Raise my Undead! Cheers!

4 Responses to Raise my Undead! Vampire Count Necromancer

  1. Really like the ide of him rasing a skeli. I am defenatly going to work out some thing like this for one of my necromancers ^^. congrats to 2ed place 🙂

  2. Very nice painting job! I saw this miniatures some time ago and tried to find it but never could. Would you so kind as to tell me exactly wich miniature it is? According to another site, it comes from GW but I can’t find it in their catalog (maybe its too old???).

    Thank you