How many Stormravens to have?

With the recent hype and confirmation of the Space Marines Blood Angels Stormraven, it has certainly induced lot of excitement among fans. I am indeed excited about the release, cos the Stormraven is also for the Grey Knights, that is if the rumours are true, which I think it will be.

stormravenRecently on Games Workshop site, there was an article sample army list on fielding the Stormraven for the Space Marines Blood Angels. Thought I wanted to read the article again and see the list for the Stormraven gunship, it turned out I can’t find the articles anymore. Seems like it was taken down already, but a post on the warseer forum had the pictures for the sample army list. I do noticed that in the recent 40k armies, Game Workshop seems to be steering the trend of fielding many big machines, tanks, fliers… etc. Seem like the battle is getting more machine based than troop base.

One of the Blood Angels sample list in the GW removed article, it featured a list having 3 Blood Angels Stormravens. Wow, 3 Stormravens, thats quite many fliers. Then there is another list having 6 Dreadnoughts, I would say “wow” isn’t it. This reminds me of playing Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, where one can field many Dreadnoughts and charge the enemies… I still wonder how would fielding so many fliers and Dreadnoughts perform in a game.

I was wondering, supposing Stormraven gunship is available in Grey Knights (which it will, haha), how many Stormraven can a Grey Knights army have? On the basic, taking an approximate of the points basing on the current Daemonhunters, Grey Knights are already expensive in points already, average of a unit of 10 Grey Knights is already about 250 points. 3 units or so would be about 750 points already, add in the terminators and HQ choice that would be about already 1300 plus or so. And, Dreadnoughts are still not in the consideration yet… So, average of maybe a 2000 points Grey Knights, probably there can be about 2 Stormravens in the army. Then what about my favourite Landraider?… haha. Seems like maybe most of the choice units will be costly, and definitely spoilt for choice…

So this leave me , to cater for my budget for the upcoming Grey Knights, haha, I probably will need 2 Stormravens, and, of course, more of the new Grey Knights, Terminators, HQ and Special Characters, haha. This remind me, gosh, I still have my 3 Imperial Guards Valkyries sitting in the painting shop, haha. More flyers to assemble and paint… Can’t wait for April, cheers!


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